Mission Statement

To turn nUSD into your favorite "piggy-bank" - secure, interest-bearing, and fully decentralized.

We're concocting a comprehensive solution for Injective-based assets, flexing our innovation muscles to make sure you're always at the helm of liquidity management.

Regarding expanding the Injective staking universe, think of us as party hosts - everyone's invited, no bouncers, no exclusive passes.

And we're piecing together state-of-the-art "crypto legos", easily stackable onto existing protocols.

Through our transparent yield reporting and creative emission strategies, we're aiming to foster a sustainable token economy. It's akin to running a bustling farmer's market, but instead, we're dealing in INJ asset returns.

By whipping up a rich blend of LSD yields and top-notch returns through a robust DeFi mechanism, we're on track to top the charts as the premier Injective staking yield protocol. In our vision, everyone bags the gold, promoting the accumulation of INJ and a diversified mix of LSD assets.

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