🪂TVL Ranking + Airdrop Rules


Users actively engage in Gryphon platform activities and promotions and introduce the platform to more community users. Real-time display of the promotion ranking list provides users with timely incentives, ensuring fairness and transparency, and rewarding those who put in more effort.

User Engagement and Promotion:

  1. Active users promote Gryphon to the community.

  2. Real-time promotion ranking list encourages user engagement.

  3. Rewards are given for introducing new users.

Requirements and Rules:

  1. Display points ranking list based on points earned.

  2. Show the total number of platform participants. Users earn 100 points for depositing 100 U TVL every 24 hours. Promotion rewards include 16% from direct referrals and 8% from second-level referrals.

  3. Point rewards update daily.

  4. Token airdrop ratios are TBD.

  5. User TVL is calculated based on asset categories: nINJ, nATOM, nUSD.

  6. Users need 1 INJ bond for an invitation code. Each code can invite up to 8 users. An invitation code is needed for initial dApp access.

  7. Users bonding 100 INJ or 200 ATOM get a super invitation code - no limits on referrals.

  8. The point multiplier increases by 0.01 daily for stable TVL. If TVL drops, the multiplier resets to 1.

  9. Daily points are calculated by multiplying basic points by the multiplier.

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