Gryphon gives users two ways to earn. 1. Borrow: collateralize your favorite staked assets such as wETH or wBTC to mint nUSD, Deposit your favorite staked assets as collateral to mint nUSD to earn Gryphon-based rewards. Stake nUSD to earn a fixed 5% yield. Create USDT/USDC and pair with nUSD to earn trading fees and stake on Gryphon to earn additional Gryphon rewards + additional collateral. Youโ€™ll receive an nToken representing your share in the pool of stablecoins. It can be redeemed to claim your initial deposit plus your accrued interest.

2. Stake: stake nAssets and receive incentives/rewards Stake your nAssets to borrow stables and earn additional yield. Your nAssets will continue to generate yield while staked on Gryphon. This boosts the total staking rewards even further.


The maximum amount that can be borrowed depends on the value of the asset deposited, and the liquidity available in the asset. If there is insufficient liquidity or your health factor is too low, you will not be able to borrow the asset.

Loan-to-value (LTV) represents the maximum borrowing capacity for a specific collateral. For example, if a collateral such as DAI has a maximum LTV of 80%, a user can borrow up to $0.80 worth of native currency DAI for every $1 of DAI collateral.

Cross-chain lending:

Gryphon provides users with innovative borrowing and bridging functions through Injectiveโ€™s cross-chain intercommunication features.

โ€œA bridge built on the Delta (ฮ”) algorithm [layer zero] enables local asset transfers through a unified liquidity pool while enabling instant guaranteed finality, the combination of which enables cross-chain composability.โ€

USDC & USDT are the first bridge assets to be supported.

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